Crazy Bahamian Girlfriends/Wives (And How To Find Them) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Tristan (Bernard) Miller is my friend. I have known this man since I was yay-high in Grace Gospel Chapel pre-school which, if we're being honest, was like a weird United Colours Of Benetton ad for kids with a 50/50 success rate. We went on to high school together and one time, after taking a joke further than I should have, Tristan slapped me so hard that I reset...like, as a person….to this day I cant remember a lot of what happened before grade 9. I remember this now because I genuinely didn't know Tristan had a temper. I knew the man 10years before that slap and never knew I could get someone that mad. A lot of y'all men are dating women that you think you're safe around. You think that she wont lose her entire mind or that because its all so bubbly and new that she isn't a bag of cats crazy. LOL….I'm here to school you kids on the fact that yes, the signs you're noticing are real and you are dating a crazy Bahamian woman and that might just be what you need…..and