Crazy Bahamian Girlfriends/Wives (And How To Find Them) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Tristan (Bernard) Miller is my friend. I have known this man since I was yay-high in Grace Gospel Chapel pre-school which, if we're being honest, was like a weird United Colours Of Benetton ad for kids with a 50/50 success rate. Little Gina went on to be a Doctor and little Katie now has a child for a weed dealer in Lizy that "only cheats on her sometimes." #Balance We went on to high school together and one time, after taking a joke further than I should have, Tristan slapped me so hard that I reset...like, as a person….to this day I cant remember a lot of what happened before grade 9. "Madam your son has been slapped beyond western medicine….have you tried thoughts and prayers? " I remember this now because I genuinely didn't know Tristan had a temper. I knew the man 10years before that slap and never knew I could get someone that mad. A lot of y'all men are dating women that you think you're safe around. You think that she wont lose her entire mind or that because