What The Hell Happened to Cricket in The Bahamas? (Part 2) | 10th Year Seniors
I originally wrote this for the National Sports Museum but they never paid me so here it is. To read part 1 click here. Part one of this piece dealt with Cricket's origin and the expansion of the sport throughout the British Empire into The Bahamas. This chapter deals with the expansion and eventual dwindling of The Sport in The Bahamas. The Expansion of Organized Cricket in The Late 19th Century At the end of 1872 the Bahamas Cricket Club formed and in January of 1873, construction began building a pitch on East Shirley Street. This would become the main pitch where black players and crowds gathered on Sundays to play the sport and socialize (Craton & Saunders, 1998). By the 1880s cricket was the preeminent form of recreation for boys in The Bahamas. There were a number of cricket clubs on the island as well as a few pitches available to play on including the site of the current cricket club. Baseball, despite its raging popularity in the nearby United States, was nonexistent in