Open Letter to The Bahamian Sun (On Behalf Of We, The Sweaty&Forlorn) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Oh, y'all thought that title was an accident? I'm not stupid, I know there is only one sun. The earth orbits 1 sun and that sun gives heat to the world. That's just basic science right there. My argument is….is it tho? Is there really only one sun and there isn't a specific sun set on the Bahamas with different temperatures sent by an unforgiving unchristian God because maybe the rastas have been right all along? Bey I know its 1 sun but lets not pretend like Abaco isn't WAY hotter than Nassau. Aboconians, tell me I lie. Beloved, it hot. This is the kind of heat that makes you question if God really forgave us on the cross. I was looking at Joel Osteen sideways the other morning. Not that he isn't always fulla shit but when you have one lasko fan on you as you lay with one leg out of the bed you tend to doubt even the lords shepherds. Don't look at me like I'm the only nigga who, when a lasko fan is blowing my way, puts one leg out of the bed in the heat of the day