What The Hell Happened to Cricket In The Bahamas? (Part 1) | 10th Year Seniors
I wrote this piece as part of a National Sports Museum Exhibit, they never paid me. So here it is. Cricket is one of the two national sports of The Bahamas, along with sailing, at least on paper. The reality is that if Bahamians were polled on what their favorite sports to play and spectate are, Cricket would lose a popularity contest by a wide margin to a number of sports including basketball, baseball, track and field, soccer and American football. Bahamians are not into cricket. It's understandable why Bahamians don't sail; Sailing is a sport of access, like Golf and to a certain extent, tennis. Unless you belong to a yacht club or know someone who can drop up to $10,000 on a boat and necessary equipment and have a sailing coach (those aren't easy to find either), you're not going to get to sail. But all you need to play cricket is a stick, a ball, and a dozen, or so, of your closest homies. Despite this, you will never find kids at any park in The Bahamas playing pickup games of