(A Lady's Response To) Why "Good" Bahamian Women Can't Find/Keep A Man | 10th Year Seniors
By Gail Hanna I was supposed to write a response to another article that Drew wrote mere months ago, but like a true creative I procrastinated on it in order to formulate weekends kept coming and next thing you know, I was 4 seasons into Bates Motel… So after forgetting what it was that I was supposed to write about, I went on the 10th Year Seniors site to try and find it, instead stumbling upon the Friday the 13th scream worthy title - WHY "GOOD" BAHAMIAN WOMEN CAN'T FIND/KEEP A MAN (A STUDY)... What in the discombobulated name of wifey school is this? Firstly, as this is the second article Drew has concocted referring to both "good" Bahamian men and women I just want to say… I'm here if you need to talk. Now that that's out the way, I think that a truly comprehensive look at the mindset of the average "good" Bahamian woman was given, and the thinking that average will get her what she wants. Or at least what she's been taught to want... Let's keep it a