The Top 10 Scenes in The Dark Knight | 10th Year Seniors
These anniversaries just keep sneaking up on me. A few weeks ago marked 20 years since Undertaker threw Mankind off of the Hell in a Cell structure. By the time I found out, it was far too late in the day to write anything, and once you miss it, you miss it. However, when I saw that today marked the 10th anniversary of the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, I simply could not let the moment pass. I could spend quite some time talking about why this is quite possibly the best superhero movie of all time. I could spend time discussing the perfection of Heath Ledger's Joker and the pain of the actor's passing. I could spend time making fun of Christian Bale's "batman voice". But today is a day of celebration. Today I give you my personal list of the top 10 scenes in The Dark Knight. 10. "No, not me. Why are you coming for me?" I want to say that this is on the list because of the trick Joker pulled by having Bruce think he was heading to save Rachel when he was