Why "Good" Bahamian Women Can't Find/Keep A Man (A Study) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I've been listening to a lot of Drake recently. Anyone who follows individuals from 10th Yr Seniors knows that we stan for Drake constantly on social media because….well because people who don't like Drake get SOOOO tight when we post picture after picture. As we all know, Drake got a "porn star" pregnant, had a son and hid it from the world (or possibly hid the world from him…go figure) The cry from a lot of females is, "All those good women he dated and he went and got the porn star preggo? TF?!". Firstly, if she truly is a porn star, I imagine it would be pretty difficult to NOT get her pregnant. Her job is literally sex….like…...that's what she has her Masters degree in. A lot of women seem to think that just because they aren't hoes, or a porn star, that by default that makes them a "good woman" and then argue that men don't want said good women and that's why they're alone. I'm here to tell you that all women are great but being great does not a good woman make.