Bahamian Government Schools vs Bahamian Private Schools (The Endless Waltz) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew So its '02 in Halifax and I'm in love with Janice. White girl, blonde, athlete.....she checked all the boxes for a dude drenched in Abercrombie, dirty jeans and flip flops. By all accounts it "made sense" when you saw us together. "He loves me because he assumes I'll be less stress and I love him because he's the exact amount of danger I need in my life right now" #WeWereBothWrong I remember bringing her home to the Bahamas and someone taking a jab at me stating, "you could tell he been to private school....they only like white girls". It made me take a step back. First off, I LOVE white women....to say "like" discredits my passion for them. But, beloved, I love ALL women. So I love white women, black women, Asian women, Haitian women, hoes, Jamaican women, etc. ALL women with the same energy, son. I would juice 80% of these gals because vagina is delicious and should be eaten. TF? It was this moment and many moments like this where stereotypes and assumptions were