Welcome to the Jungle aka Fatherhood | 10th Year Seniors
Before I can even begin to write this article, I have to say two things. One... Two... man was it a bad idea to commit to something during the first week after a kid is born into your family. (Yes, that conversation was from the week of May 8th. Yes, it's been almost two months, and this article is just getting finished and published. Yes, I'm an idiot). I knew exactly what I wanted this article to be when I claimed the Friday slot that week - a lot has changed since then. I still can't get over the fact that that series of messages was almost two months ago. That being said, I can't start here, I have to go back to 2016. The Low So, fall of 2016 was an interesting time. My wife had to do a seven week spot in Freeport at the Rand as a part of her internship. She landed in Freeport two days before Hurricane Matthew did. I traveled to Freeport a day later to be with her and ride out the storm together. The long and short of it, that was a tough experience. But there was one promising