Happy Fathers/Bedroom Bully Appreciation Day! (Free T-Shirt & Hat Inside) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Don't worry, kids: This one is short.... "Whew!!! I thought this nigga was bout to run on for another 2000 words!!" - Everyone What is a "bedroom bully" you ask? If I may quote one of the great orators of our time, "My daddy was a bedroom bully bedroom bully for I man mommy". A timely message in this, these anti-bullying times! Ah, Fathers day. The day single mothers grow a penis and pretend, on social media, like they did ALL the work that night in the Via Cafe bathroom when she thought a nigga who caught a ride to the club was a good idea to NOT use a condom with. Based on this picture alone I know she pierced her sons ears 48 minutes after his birth and calls him her "king". I imagine between Mikes Shoe Store and Kelly's, women spent 10's of dollars to make the man, that had to spend 100's on mothers day, as moderately happy as she gives a shit about. Happy Fathers day! Enjoy this 10 minutes of online effort! How can we fix this? How can you give the man in your