Hubert Minnis, VAT Taxation and Things We'll Lose In The Fire | 10th Year Seniors
By Andrew Bain I'm not religious in the slightest but I love the stories. I love the tale of the good Samaritan. Not so much that he was kind but that he was rich and kind. We love fake-caring on social media but very few of us would actually help out a hungry, beaten stranger on the streets. In 2018? If we see a man beaten we'd legit be on some... "Move....let me get a better angle of this human suffering....LOOOOOONE LIKES MA'BOY!!!" Speaking of good Samaritans, remember that one time Hubert Minnis rode the bus and tried to play a little game Bahamian politicians play called "who is more grassroots?". Hubert was on the bus like.... Actual photo of our Prime minister on a #16 bus. He looks so comfortable. But we're a long way from that #16 bus and an even longer way yet from that phrase he so gallantly yelled out every gotdamn day during the elections...."Its the peoples time!!!". Unfortunately for the 3,000 odd employees of number houses across the Bahamas, the logo SHOULD