"I Know I'm Going No.1" | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO Following his pre-draft workout with the Phoenix Suns, Deandre Ayton was confident that he had shown the franchise enough to solidify his position as the top overall pick in this month's NBA Draft. The Suns hosted Ayton's first media availability of the draft process at the Al McCoy Media Center. "I'm the best competitor in this draft. I'm not saying I'm the best player, I'm saying I'm the best competitor. This is my one and only workout. I know I'm going number one. Nobody told me (I'll go first)," Ayton said. "That's just me. I think I deserve that. I've worked hard…I want to be the best two-way player coming into the league." The Suns hold the No.1 pick in the draft, June 21 at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York. Ayton finished his school years at Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix and went on to attend the University of Arizona for a single season. The opportunity to begin his professional career in the state led many pundits to believe the Suns will take advantage and