#DREDAY | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO As you're reading this, you need to know that whatever you're doing today is irrelevant. Tonight represents a seminal moment in Bahamian history – we find out where Deandre Ayton (and the rest of the Bahamas) is headed for the foreseeable future. Anything else that went down this week in this country has probably happened a few times before, just run by a different rich guy (y'all gotta chill). This, however, is actual history tonight. For as long as we've been aware that The Promise is a transcendent talent we've also been aware that we would be apprehensive about two milestones – where he decided to go to college for a few months and which franchise gets to have him on June 21st on #DREDAY. Quick aside: Henceforth, the NBA Draft should only be referred to as #DREDAY, calling it anything else would be unpatriotic. At this point, it doesn't matter if you were ahead of the curve five years ago, or if you're a hypebeast finding your way to the bandwagon this summer. We're all