Bahamas (Junkanoo) Carnival 2018: The Day After | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Make no mistake, I did not attend Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. (We'll call it BJC from now on which I think is hilarious because the BJC's used to be the worst. Do we still even do BJC's? What did that even stand for? I feel like that was them testing whether or not you would be allowed into some Lyford Cay associated X-Men school for gifted teenagers that were non violent but "speak well".... But I digress. Ya I didn't go to BJC for several reasons including, but not limited to, I truly, in the deepest part of my being, hate soca. I just don't understand what all the hub-bub is about. People....its the same song. EVERY SOCA SONG SOUNDS THE SAME. Jesus, man! Then to make matters worse, the ONE soca song I do love with the entirety of my being is the one song they didn't play. Listen....listen to Allison hinds being perfect and timeless. However, regardless of my unwavering hate for soca and drinking in the scalding hot sun while walking for 18hrs (seriously....what is