Randy's First Round Observations | 10th Year Seniors
by RANDY Although the first round of the NBA playoffs isn't done yet, several things have caught my eye so far during the early round matchups. Side note, I am a Thunder fan, so this past week has been extremely tough on me, seeing that we're just one game away from entering a complete rebuild. So, without rambling on, here are some of the things that stood out to me so far about the 2018 NBA Playoffs: Pelicans vs Trailblazers Anthony Davis is who we thought he would be in the playoffs Playoff Rondo and Beardless Mirotic are real, adding to the list of NBA super heroes (Untucked Kyrie, Hoodie Melo, Gang Sign John Wall etc.) Although the Blazers got swept, the combination of Lillard and McCollum works… It's just that the rest of the team is trash Portland is doomed as long as Evan Turner makes $19 million each year Rockets vs Timberwolves It's too early to judge Harden and CP3 Harden is one of the five greatest isolation players ever Karl Anthony-Towns may be the