The Great Bahamian BreakUp (And How to Pull It Off) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew It's '02 in Halifax and I'm in love with Janice. She was kind, sweet, loving, into fitness (much like I was) and just really a great human. In the relationship I was kind, sweet, cheated almost daily, took her out, tried to be loving....all the things a Bahamian man encompasses. "...did he just say cheat daily like he shouldn't be cut from dick to taint?" Firstly, judge ya ma, caucasian stock photo baby. Secondly, ya....I cheated....a lot. Inevitably she broke up with me because MSN messenger was never anybodys friend from the jump. I was devastated. My boy, Joe, can tell you. I listened to Dwele's "Subject" album on repeat, punched a hole in our wall and even tried to do the "pop up/please forgive me" maneuver. Lol....that didn't go well. "...oh Hi, Drew....meet the new bigger dicked fella I'm getting over you with....Ryan" Took my cousin Kenny, a 3piece and a few gallons of Anejo and cokes to get over that one. But it was easy because she was/is Canadian so once I