How To Date A 30+ Year Old Bahamian | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I'm 36. I say that a lot....almost constantly because I'm not ashamed of my age or my status. Typically people tend to look at me with a curious eye when I tell them my age due to my lack of semen monsters, wife, sweetheart and no debt. I mock the married and those with kids because they're hilarious but even my humor at their expense is semi jaded because regardless of my present social situation the flat circle of time keeps marching forward and no matter how I try, age, much like winter, is coming. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes perspective and its from my present perspective that I'd like to speak to you about what its like dating a 30+ year old Bahamian. We really tired. No.....listen to me. We. Really. Tired. There was a time I used to wake up and just go out to the world and be great. I'd legit just spring out of bed with excitement for what the day had to offer and what I could accomplish. I remember nights with Elaine and my boy El Nino (Sanchez)