Happy Valentines Day! (To The Bahamian Sweetheart) | 10th Year Seniors
Br Drew I believe in love. I have been in love and have experienced true love before. At my core I'm actually a romantic….a jaded one but a romantic nonetheless. Outside of misogynistic hip hop, R&B and "white people music" I have a larger collection of Anita Baker than I do Nas or Tupac. Oh sorry, to all my foreign readers we're a predominantly black island so any music that isn't hip hop or reggae is considered white people music. I've always been a fan but I used to have to hide my love for said music with turned up windows and misplaced black shame. In essence, if my music inclinations say anything about me it reveals that I'm a big softy. But one can't speak of love and not speak of truth. They occupy the same space if its real. One can argue that love can only be found within the confines of marriage and a healthy committed relationship but, as Rihanna taught us all, you can find love in a hopeless place….but it doesn't make it less of what it is. So, while you