Diary of a Patriots Hater | 10th Year Seniors
We hate the Patriots. By we, I mean the collective fanbase of the NFL who are fans of one of the other 31 franchises in the National Football League. As a Broncos fan, I take solace in knowing that we have had the pleasure (after the fact, but not during, because playing New England invokes a level of fear that is unexplainable) of beating Brady and the Patriots a few times in the playoffs during the last 17 years. For some, there is no such solace. Nonetheless in 2018 especially, anyone who is not a Pats fan is pretty much a Pats hater and are all operating as stand-in Eagles fans this weekend. Most of you know that already though, let's try to break down why we, I, hate the Pats so much. Background Just a few quick notes about how one realizes or recognizes when their hatred of a team has reached a serious place. I am a Broncos fan. In Super Bowl 48 we got TROUNCED by the Seahawks. It wasn't pretty. It was one of the worst Super Bowls in the last two decades, it just wasn't good