Sexual Harassment In The Bahamas: The Mis-Education Of The Bahamian Male | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Wanna hear a joke? Ok. How do you get a catholic nun pregnant? Have (consensual) sex with her. LOL....get it? Anywho.... If I'm being honest, I never really gave sexual harassment much thought because in my mind male sexual misconduct was black and white: Either a woman got raped or she didn't. Ironically enough, the animated poster child for male sexual misconduct is black and white and, in hindsight, a bit rapey. It wasn't a big moment, it was subtle actually. My younger sister asked me to get her Bamboo shack. I was confused considering she owns a car, owns legs, and owns a whole school (Pembroke Academy stand Up!!!!)….why the hell do I have to get up from the nothing I was doing and get her food? She knows that movement and not-laying down have always been pet peeves of mine. I asked why and she went on to tell me how, if she went alone, she feared the men who would inevitably be there would harass her or forcefully proposition her. She was genuinely