The Offense is Offensive | 10th Year Seniors
We are around the midway point of the 2017 NFL season and while the league has started rounding into shape, there still seems to be some concern about that state of offense around the league. Anecdotally, the NFL has seemed generally less fun to watch this season. While people have placed the blame for this on Roger Goodell being a moron, the league's continued flamingo stance on concussions and CTE, the overall discussion of violence and/or a wide swath of players kneeling in protest and the Cheetos president's response to the same, the reality is that the gift of "parity" across the league has actually made it less fun to watch. That parity might also just be the manifestation of bad offensive line play across the league. But let's examine the two main reasons I think the league is suffering - a lack of truly dominant teams and the decline in offense due to bad O-line play. Lack of Dominant Teams First things first, we need to face facts. As much as the NFL likes to talk about