8YJ – New Watch Alert – Stranger Things 2 | 10th Year Seniors
BY 8YJ The New Watch Alert podcast returns to recap season 2 of 'Stranger Things' we debate topics like, Eleven's place in TV history, Steve's status as father of the year, Lucas and Dustin becoming volume shooters, Billy's awful basketball scene, Joyce's justified paranoia, and oh yeah, some stuff happened in the UpsideDown World Oh Yes and SPOILERS...Obviously Recency Bias Whenever a team wins a championship there's always a possibility that there can be a fall off after reaching the apex of that journey. We're human and the instinct to relax can creep in and damage established greatness. It's happened over and over in the course of entertainment history. It's why I've always believed it's the chase for the second and third accomplishments that's defined any true greatness. For Stranger Things this was a crucial season: they were the darling of the Emmys, they seemingly came out of nowhere, rocked the television industry, put cable networks and network TV on notice that not