Cindy Central: The New Wave of Bahamian Creatives. | 10th Year Seniors
In the past ten years, we've seen the rise of Bahamian creatives, at least in a digital space. Between me stanning over TAP and Shaniqua the puppet (that I wish she would bring back) to Schin Nguyen who was just genuinely in these streets dismantling governments as a day job. We as a people are finally headed in a direction where content isn't being solely created for the "don't be no fool stay in school" genre. I decided to have a sit down with one of the newer trailblazers in Bahamian Entertainment today, Cindy Mullings better known as Cindy The Creative. Here's how that conversation went down. How did you get into comedy? I feel as though comedy has always been apart of me. I come from a very comedic family, especially on my father's side. So I've always considered myself funny but never a comedian. In March of this year, I decided to create a video as a funny character and post it to Facebook, not realizing that would be the start of me going viral as a social media comedian. What