TLC Live Retro Diary | 10th Year Seniors
TLC took place last night in Minnesota. As such we found it necessary to run back the live retro diary of the event. "Lil thing" was down for the count before this started so there will be little if any commentary from her unfortunately. A couple quick notes on last night's show: Roman Reigns was ruled out for TLC due to illness and was replaced by Kurt Angle Bray Wyatt was also ruled out for TLC due to illness and was replaced by AJ Styles Dean Ambrose can still be somewhat entertaining as the Lunatic Fringe, but it has mostly damaged his overall reputation 8:05pm - Smart move by WWE to lead with Asuka vs Emma as the first match tonight. 8:07pm - Crowd is really hot for Asuka's debut. 8:10pm - WWE going the extra mile to make Emma look like a real competitive threat to Asuka. 8:13pm - Commentary also working hard to sell the idea that the call-up to the main roster might mean that Asuka won't continue her run of dominance... sure WWE, sure! 8:16pm - Asuka is clearly just a