John Cena takes his SummerSlam loss early | 10th Year Seniors
I don't know if you guys know it or not, but John Cena loves to lose at SummerSlam. In fact, it has kind of become his thing over the latter half of his career (assuming he is closer to the end than the beginning now. Maybe you have realized it before, or maybe you haven't, but John Cena loves to lose at SummerSlam as much as he loves winning every other match. A quick review of Cena's history along with some writing on the Wrestlemania 34 wall and you will see why John Cena was destined to lose either to Shinsuke Nakamura last night (as has happened) or to Jinder Mahal at this year's SummerSlam. In all fairness, I originally wrote this article based around the idea that Cena would beat Nakamura last night and then lose at SummerSlam (whether directly to Jinder Mahal or via cash-in by Corbin after a record-breaking win). I completely missed the writing on the wall (and the whole point of this very article). That's how sure I was that Cena was going to beat Nakamura and face Jinder