Battleground 2017 Running Diary | 10th Year Seniors
We're always trying new things at 10YS. Continuing in this trend, we're going to test out doing a retro blog of WWE's latest ppv, Battleground 2017. As a note, there will be commentary from my wife who asked to be referred to as Lil Ting. 8:08 pm - We are just wrapping up the video package for New Day vs Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship and we have our first thoughts from Lil Ting - "Where they going with these crack dealer outfits. It looks like Captain America tryna clean up the streets." She's right though, The Usos hoodie and camo pants outfit is in sketchy territory and why is New Day still wearing USA gear, Independence been gone. 8:11 pm Lil Ting: "Which one of them gay?" she's asking in reference to The New Day, who she is clearly confusing with Darren Young. I'm not sure if that's my fault, her fault or WWE's fault. 8:12 pm It just dawns on me that Big E is not wrestling in this match, which makes me feel like a New Day loss is on the horizon. 8:14 pm Absolutely