Why Bahamian "Good Girls" Are Losing (And always will) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew My work wife, Hield aka Tamtam aka "Bring me one hot pattie when you comin", is a bad girl. We don't and will never have sex, we don't speak after a certain hour and we very rarely if ever hang out together beyond working hours. Who knew not having sex with a female while maintaining a respectful friendship without agenda would be so refreshing! Regardless, she's a dickless version of me. Now, to those that know me, that's a frightening thought. I'm loud, stupid and brutal….and so is she. In essence, she 100% gets me but, in the cockeyed view of society, I'm just a guys guy and she's whatever label the feminist social justice warriors have created this week. For a long time now women have felt the need to be wholesome and "decent"; for what reason I'll never know. I'm pretty sure there was a committee of weak minded men that convinced them. Its within this vein that I feel the need to explain why good girls are losing….and they always will. Lets first define what it