Why Bahamian Females are wrong about 4:44 | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Sigh I hate it had to come to this. So, unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that Jay Z dropped probably one of the most important, let alone personal works, of his career. Anyone that knows Jay Z and his legacy are very aware that he does very few interviews, hates the press and has always been private about his romantic life. 99% of this album is him speaking about family life, black excellence, and how black culture can strive, be better and grow together. He even gave out financial advice on how to gentrify your own neighborhood before "the man" does it and removes you. It was a really great work by him. Oh….ya….and he admitted he cheated on Beyonce….a point he referenced in liteally 1 song of the entire album. If there was ever a metaphor for how women treat mistakes vs the way men do its Lemonade vs 4:44. Social media more or less exploded. So much so that I legit got called out by a friend of the site to write an article on it.