#TallTakes: THIS IS IT! (….maybe) | 10th Year Seniors
NBA Finals game 5 is tonight! This year's edition of the NBA Finals has been about as lit as a 3-1 series featuring 3 blowouts can be. So far we've seen a 85 point half by the Cavs, a game winning shot by Kevin Durant that was so gutsy I wonder how KD runs so fluidly up and down the court while holding his gigantic balls, we've seen Lebron James and Kyrie Irving look utterly unguardable, Steph and Klay go off, and Dray be Dray and wild out. The scores do nothing to indicate how zany these finals have been. And that's the sad part about trying to anticipate what will happen tonight is that we have absolutely no clue how this would turn out, and at this point nothing would be a surprise. Kyrie Irving may go off for 90 points, Durant and Steph may combine for 150, the Warriors bay blow the Cavs out by 50 points or vice versa. All we know is that Tristian Thompson will not score than 8 points. And that's what's simultaneously fun and terrifying about this series for people who have any