Observations From Oracle | 10th Year Seniors
by 10TH YEAR SENIORS After almost a year of waiting the NBA finals are finally here. Over the first two games the Golden State Warriors have swept the Cavs outscoring them a combined 245 points to 204. While the action on the court has been less than competitive, this series has still been an eventful one. Here are Nal, Randy, Ricardo and Taige's scorching hot takes on the 2017 NBA Finals two games in. 2-0 is an insurmountable deficit for the Cavs to overcome. RENALDO: The only way you believe this is if you lack all awareness of the most IMMEDIATE NBA Finals history and are a complete prisoner of the moment (So most of you). Even if the Cavs do end up getting swept, the rush to judgment has been astounding this year with people quick to tell anyone within shouting distance that this series is over. These are not the worst game one and two defeats of the NBA Finals. You saw worse last year. The Warriors took a 2-0 lead last night with an average margin of 20.5 points per win after