I'll Probably Never Be Objective About Klay Thompson | 10th Year Seniors
By RENALDO We were still hours away from the Golden State Warriors' season opener, but it still felt like the most important morning shootaround of the season. Ostensibly, the assignment in New Orleans was to cover Buddy Hield, but when the most talked about storyline in the NBA has a tangential connection to the Bahamas, you have to take advantage of that opportunity. We had to see Klay Thompson. Shootaround had the proper amount of media saturation you would expect for a team like the Warriors. A team that previously set the NBA single-season to win total somehow found a way to become an even more compelling story by adding one of the greatest players of his generation - Kevin Durant, as a free agent. Schools of media traveled in packs like restless remora fish, looking to attach itself to a shark, a new angle of this story we had been hearing about all summer. As per unspoken NBA protocol, coaches are subjected to the first wave of the media horde, so naturally, they