People You Will (Inevitably) See At Bahamian Brunch | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Brunch: The sexually complicated middle sister of breakfast and lunch. I'm confused as to when this actually became a thing. Don't worry, I'm not anti-brunch. In fact I support any activity that allows me to drink before 12pm without fear of judgement from the church folk who coincidentally had wine at 7:48am. Its honestly as if I went to bed one Saturday and woke up to my friend Sasha commanding me to come out to brunch and get lit. Understand that Bahamians as a people find every single reason of any season to drink. We literally do not care. Easter? Jesus died and we bout to turn up. Memorial day? Soldiers died and we bout to turn up. We were so caught up in our drunken obesity that it took how many years before we realized Columbus WASN'T a good guy? So as much as I enjoy brunch and breakfast food at confusing hours, we need to deal with these attendees as I try and address the people you will inevitably see at every Bahamian brunch. Why….WHY is there always