NBA MOCK DRAFT 2017: VERSION 2.0 – Post NBA Combine Edition | 10th Year Seniors
by TRINI ANDREW The NBA draft combine doesn't compare to the NFL in terms of its scope, magnitude and its ability to affect draft stock but it is very important nevertheless. Its main purpose is to gain consistent measurements amongst draft entrants while allowing early entrants one final chance to impress front offices before making the decision whether or not to return to school. A guaranteed top five pick typically does not have much to gain from competing in drills during the combine, rather, it is a chance for certain players to sneak into the first round or even become a lottery pick if they can exceed their pre-combine expectations. The NBA is fast becoming a position-less sport and it is important for big men to have an impressive wingspan, hand size or max vertical if they do not have the height to traditionally play center. For guards with less than impressive measurables, the strength and agility portion of the combine carries greater weight. Lastly, the five on five drills