The Battle for New Providence: Living "Out East" vs "Out West": | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew Its subtle. It's the way we talk to each other. How we approach and judge people we don't know. From the car they drive to the way they carry themselves. From their occupation to the way they announce their political/socioeconomic views. It's always been there, this cavern between us, but we barely speak of it over a whisper. We pretend not to see it. We use silent weapons in a quiet war that's raging between us. But, deep down, you knew the chick that keeps her hair natural (ironically) and is dressed a bit too casually for Café Matisse lived out west. You knew it the second she opened her mouth. She's the chick whose parents could afford to send her to Africa on a whim but in conversation she calls it the "motherland" and is fake deep 24/7 which justifies her existence she thinks. He's the guy you knew lived out east when you invited him to Compass Point for drinks and he hesitates because now he has to make a life decision because gas is $4.20 and Compass Point Far.