The WWE Women's (R)Evolution | 10th Year Seniors
The Evolution of Women's Wrestling in WWE Women's wrestling has long been an interesting component of the larger world of professional wrestling. Through title reign shenanigans and periods of inactivity to periods of desired inactivity to the boom of the branded "Women's Revolution", the WWE has long had a somewhat peculiar relationship with women's wrestling. It is not that they didn't want women's wrestling or that they didn't want it to succeed, for a long time it just seemed that they did not know what to do with it. In light of the recently announced Global Women's Tournament, let's take a look back through the winding and often weird history of women's wrestling in WWE and see if we can figure out how we got to today. The First Champion and the Title Timeline Ok, so this starts off weird. In 1956 The Fabulous Moolah became the third NWA World Women's Champion. At the time there was no WWE or WWF for that matter as that company did not exist until 1963. In the 70's Moolah