The Miseducation Of The Bahamian Female | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew …so this won't go well. I remember the first time I realized my mother was wrong about something. When you're a kid you're more or less brainwashed into thinking your parents are perfect. But I remember it clear as day. I asked her at what point did dinosaurs exist if Adam and Eve were real. Her response was what any God fearing Bahamian mothers response would be to her too curious son... "Oh you think use man now that you read couple books? Go get the belt" #PrehistoricCutAss #SheenAnswerTho There's a trust like no other in your early years because you would have literally died had it not been for this man and woman that seem to be around always. That exact moment happened years later when I realized that women had so many misconceptions when it came to men and relationships. Its within that vein I'd like to address the miseducation of the Bahamian female. Quick question: When did men start not having sex with women due to their stretchmarks? Did I miss