#TallTakes: This Can't be life…. | 10th Year Seniors
Carmelo Anthony is having the worst week ever Have you ever been completely thrown under the bus by your boss then in that same week get left by your super-hot wife under allegations that you impregnated some Instagram-famous girl? Because that's exactly what may have happened to New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Last week the New York Knicks raised a big middle finger to Anthony by resigning team president Phil Jackson to a two year contract extension. Jackson has been a big critic of Carmelo for the bulk of his tenure with the Knicks went on a long tirade that made clear his desire to get rid of Anthony. We've not been able to win with him on the court at this time and the direction of our team is that he is a player that would be better somewhere else, and using his talents somewhere else where he can win and chase that championship. That was on Friday. On Monday we woke up to this report from TMZ about Anthony seperation from his wife of seven years, Lala. Sources close