8YJ – I Need a Minute – More Life | 10th Year Seniors
By 8YJ I don't take naps either. Firstly we need a starting point. After his less than groundbreaking performance at Coachella, and the disappointment that was 'Views' Aubrey was left with shadow of his own hip hop mortality. And no, there was no fear of him falling off finically that won't happen, commercially 'Views' was a hit Drake would be in the penthouse for awhile, but he needed to prove to himself and the culture that he could produce an album worthy of the game's "best". So trapped in a corner getting accolade after accolade and subliminal shot after subliminal shot Aubs had a message.... Inevitably when Drake completes a project there will be a polarized reaction from the people who love anything he puts out "It's all Habibis tings yah?" BARS! To those people who will say it's trash from the moment they hear the first note...Well to the later all we can say is... This isn't going to be a breakdown of every track that's what the