People You Meet in the (Bahamian) Workplace | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I'm a white collar guy with blue collar sensibilities. Funny enough, people for some reason always assume I'm a security guard, bouncer, or just straight up the special needs large man that has come to lift heavy objects for them at their behest. The most credit that I get is I'm the "I.T. guy" because my shirts are usually tight and I wear converse like it's my job. Stereotypes aside, I've worked white collar jobs the majority of my life and in doing so I've come upon some characters but none so hilarious as the ones we have here in Nassau. Within that vein we need to discuss Bahamians in the workplace. The Office Husband/Wife We all have one, let's not play dumb. There's always that one person of the opposite sex that we gravitate towards but they have someone, as do you, so you just replace that someone with them between the hours of 9-5. It's a weird dynamic because for all intents and purposes you 2 would make an amazing couple and you have amazing chemistry