Interracial Dating In The Bahamas | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I went to college late. I was 21 when I hit Canada but I was cool cause I was pushing that white in these streets, ducking 5-0 and making it snow in the tropics for a couple of years keeping these crack fiends fed. Seventeen-five, same color t-shirt. lol…Just kidding. I was working at a clinic, avoiding Nassau Village in the night and going to bed at responsible hours. When I got word that I had been accepted into college I was excited. In the midst of my elation an older nurse approached me and said something I'll never forget: "Now listen, don't bring home no white woman. Stick wit ya own!!" I promised her up and down that I would NEVER be with the white devil. I meant it too. At that time the brightest thing in my life was my Long Island gf who I was just grateful would have sex with me let alone be with me. I got to Canada and for the first semester I chopped down everything black with a pulse/vag. Then winter came and I ran into a gorgeous blonde who would then end