The Cheating Bahamian Male (And Why We Do It) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I was at a bar recently eating wings and drinking my weight in scotch, discussing a female that had just exited and how important her derriere was for the community, and the nation at large. As men do, we all got into it laughing and joking about what we'd do to her in bed and lying about how we would do it...because niggas. If the conversation was honest it would sound like …. The bartender noted that she was single which lead me to ask why he didn't pursue her. He replied that he had a gf and that he doesn't cheat. Y'all don't hear me in this church this evening. A Bahamian man, in front of several Bahamian men, when approached on why he wouldn't have sex with a well rounded sexy Bahamian female replied that he doesn't cheat.....and meant it! Almost as if he sensed that my brain had exploded he then proceeded to ask the question that has always puzzled me: Why do Bahamian men cheat so much? It's a question I've had to ask myself on several occasions. Fun fact about