The 10YS Year End Bracket: 2016 | 10th Year Seniors
By 10thYearSeniors A year is really just a predefined loop of built in narratives and holidays we setup to mark the passage of time; or whatever. People die, people are born, some good stuff happens and some really bad stuff happens so really most of the time, it's a wash. So Happy Holidays everyone! However, the view of any particular year is in essence all about the context and perspective you use to view these events through. The common meme floating through the zeitgeist is that 2016 was a shit year, but we really have no idea what's about to happen next year and thinking so seems kind of naive...right? For many people, 2016 marked the start of families, the achievement of life long goals, the start of new business ventures and…..HOLY SHIT WHAT? DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This is our third year of breaking down the year with a college basketball style bracket, (thanks Rembert/Grantland) but this