Battle 4 Atlantis:Final Observations – Baylor Good Bey | 10th Year Seniors
By DAKARAI Day 2 of Battle 4 Atlantis kicked off with our adopted home team the Michigan St. "Tum Tum could Dunk?" Spartans vs. The Baylor "Uniforms from God" Bears. No Bahamian has been on a team that's won Battle for Atlantis, not Buddy Hield, not Tavario Miller, not Shaquille Cleare, not Wannah Bail, so we're hoping this is the year that changes and the Spartans were in a prime position to get it done. Unfortunately Baylor is really good. Despite the Spartans best efforts the trend is going to continue because the Bears Johnathan Motley is a man and decided to score all the points, like all of 'em. I couldn't watch the first game in the arena so kept up with the action on the ESPN app and I legitimately thought they had an error or maybe something weird happened and Motley was playing the game by himself. Motley was able to dominate because Michigan St's frontline just wasn't big enough and they ended up getting bullied in the paint. Tum Tum couldn't reprise his breakout