Nick Saban for President (?) | 10th Year Seniors
by TAIGE In a little over a week, our friends in the US will pick a new leader for themselves when they hold their presidential election. While many people there may find their choice of candidates underwhelming, my friends from Alabama have (jokingly) advocated what they would be an ideal alternative: University of Alabama Head football coach Nick Saban. This leads me to wonder what kind of President Nick Saban would actually make. Given what I know about the actions he has taken as a head coach, we know for sure these things would happen if Saban was ever elected President of the United States: He would leave in the middle of his first term for a better country.....then blame it on his wife. Nick Saban leaves jobs whenever he feels like it. He did it when he left Michigan State for LSU, before the season was even over and again when he left LSU for the Miami Dolphins....and finally when he left the Fins in the middle of the season to take his current job at Alabama. When