Heat Open Training Camp In The Bahamas | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO DORSETT Following a festive Bahamian welcome, the rebuilding Miami Heat went to work in what head coach Erik Spoelstra called a "business trip." The Heat opened their 2016 training camp in the Bahamas yesterday at the Atlantis Resort. Spoelstra and other Heat personnel raved about the welcome and the overall experience of being in the Bahamas, but insisted that training camp would reverted to a sense of basketball normalcy once the first practice began. "It's a business trip but it's fun being here in the Bahamas. We had a great reception, put us in a good mood for our team meeting and guys were ready to get to work as everyone around the league is on that first day. Guys were ready to embrace a lot of the things they knew they would embrace in this first practice," he said, "Guys came in extremely conditioned well and really ready to get into full contact this first practice. We didn't mess around or wait, we got right to it. We were getting right to