We, the Bahamian 7%…(#WeAreNotThem) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew One afternoon I was dropping Dakarai to the airport and during a lull in the conversation he looked outside pensively and then said to me, "The Bahamas is a beautiful place ya know.....but n***as, man!". That struck a chord with me. I'm not a fool. I'm fully aware that my articles or "blog posts" aren't for everyone. If there's one thing I know it's that we agree on some level. On some level you and I are alike and we understand each other. Know how I know? Y'all don't even share my articles with just anyone. No no, you share it with other likeminded people. We exist in, what in nassau can only be considered, the shadows. We know each other's faces but not names. It's time we acknowledge that, if we were to break this island down by the numbers....we are the 7% and we are the chosen few. 90% of the Bahamas is Niggas. I think that's a more than fair sentiment. When I say niggas I mean ignorant, backwards, ghetto to varying degrees, voted no, free t shirt loving, gold tooth