How to fix Traffic Jams | 10th Year Seniors
This Morning it took me an hour and 10 minutes to get form my home to work, which is approximately 4 miles away. Sitting in a car not doing anything for that long gives you a lot of opportunity to think about things. Sitting in a traffic jam takes a toll on us both physically and emotionally shaving years off our lives in the process. I care about this country and our people and I would like to help alleviate the traffic problems created when the school semester begins. So here are my suggestions: Large Scale Murder. That's actually a terrible idea. Murder is awful, don't do that. Smaller Scale Murder Okay this is much better. We have this traffic because there are so many kids that need to be sent back to school. If we take some of them and make them murder each other Hunger Games style on television for our entertainment this should chip away at our traffic problem. And don't act like Bahamians wouldn't like it, I've heard my countrymen advocate for the cruelest most macabre