Bahamian Bandwagon NFL Fans (that we hate) | 10th Year Seniors
Bahamians, like all other sensible people in the world watch NFL football, quite a bit if you were to believe what you see in sports bars between September and February of every single year. The thing about living on our archipelago is that we don't have any set NFL team to root for. While our neighbors to the north may see not having an NFL team as a disadvantage my compatriots see it as a gift. Not having an NFL team allows them to pull for whoever the hell they want to pull for. We're pretty much a country of bandwagoners, and it's annoying as hell. Just about every team is accounted for among Bahamian NFL fans but there are a few teams in particular that Bahamians love more than others. So here are the various groups of bandwagon NFL fans that live in The Bahamas. Superbowl Front Runners : The worst people in the world This person is a black eye on the face of humanity, human pond scum, the worst of what society has to offer. The Bahamas geography allows for us to pull for