The Newfound Savagery of the Bahamian Parent (Ode To The Imperfect) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I am not a father. Within the group Nal is the only one responsible for a human life. We have collectively decided that Kaizen is our interim child until it's our time. You know the old poem, "When the condom breaks, the baby will fall and down will go your dreams, good looks and all". Or something like that. I don't keep up with nursery rhymes. I remember the day Renaldo told me he was going to have a child. It was one of those very sobering moments when you can't just say, "That bug you! lol", buy him a scotch and keep it moving. All of us had to adult in that moment. But then Kaizen was born and, very soon after he stopped looking like a ball of brown yogurt with legs 3 things were confirmed: 1) That's Nal child. 2) Nal was going to ruin this kids life because he is Nal and... 3) Plot Twist: He totally didn't ruin his life and is one of many savage parents I'd like to recognize today. It's weird being in your 30's. All your friends are either married or have kids