Buddy Hield Games We Can't Wait For. | 10th Year Seniors
By Taige and Kari Bahamian NBA player Buddy Hield is set to start his rookie season with the New Orleans Pelicans off in a couple of months. Buddy's going to play a lot of games, so we at 10YS took it upon ourselves to parse which ones you're going to want to see early on. October 26th vs. Denver Nuggets - Buddy will be going up against Jamal Murray, who was regarded as one of the top shooting guards in the draft along with Buddy. It's going to be great watching them go at each other in their first NBA game. - Taige November 12th vs. LA Lakers - In the grand scheme of the NBA this game is inconsequential as both teams won't be very good. This game is a very important one for the Bahamas however, because Bahamians love The Lakers for some reason. Go Figure. - Taige Schools will be closed, bars will be packed, and throngs of Bahamians will be shouting KOBE at TV screens at a game he isn't even playing in. It's gonna be great. Call it a holiday - Kari. November 7th @ Golden State -